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Haiti is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Follow this link learn more. You’ll see why we’ve been called to help the children of Haiti.


My husband, Duey and I were called to Haiti on our first mission trip over 30 years ago, our mission was to build churches, clinics, schools, orphanages, train Pastors in Evangelism and minister to the needs of the Haitian people.  God had used these years as the training and preparing us for His calling on us to sell and surrender all that we had in 2009 to build a school & children's home in Haiti.  It seemed every step Duey took was ordained by God.  An incredibly beautiful 4.5 acres was provided in Fontaine, Haiti, a very remote and poor and impoverished area in the mountains of Haiti.  The Lord here provided an excellent well and 150 Haitian men, women and children who eagerly came forth to help do the building.  And, the journey began.   


In just 1 1/2 years we were able to construct a 12,000 sq. ft. building for the school, a two-story mission house, caretaker apartment, depot for storage, and a security fence around 2 acres. We decided to open the school in Sept. 2011 even though we were not quite ready.   We started with 132 kids who would learn the Gospel, get an education, nutritional meals, medical needs, clothing and a hope for the future.  


Duey and I had the privilege of being in Haiti for the opening of the school celebration which was glorious!   We returned to Minnesota on a Saturday to prepare another mission group to return to continue with the project and on Tuesday morning Duey went home to be with the Lord. This was completely unexpected but it is a heartfelt peace and blessing to know he is with his Father in heaven. Thus a new journey began for me.


I have been traveling to Haiti almost monthly for the last five years to continue what the Lord had started. We now have 320 children in the school and are beginning the steps for the construction of the four Children's Cottages/homes on the back 2.5 acres of Fountain property.  


It is difficult to lose my friend and partner and
to continue in his footsteps but Christ is my
first love and I know and trust He is walking
with me as He continues to raise up loving
servants to continue our work.



 - Cookie Reimer

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As such, we invite you to review Our Declaration of Faith.

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