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 We have a number of projects needing funding now.  Below is a list in full of all of the projects which have been undertaken or will be undertaken as soon as the funding is secured.



Of utmost importance is the fixing of the fence surrounding our 5-acre property. The weather wreaks havoc on the cement mud used to put the fencing up.  Every few years patchwork needs to be done. This year, however, we need to replace the entire fencing structure. Existing holes in the fence leave the orphans and staff vulnerable to danger.


Please remember that we started the school in 2011 with 132 children who ranged in age pre-school-grade 3.  Today we have 342 children and we're teaching Pre-1 up to grade 9.


Full-funding or partial funding.

You decide!

The following projects have been listed in order of importance to the safety/well-being of the children we support.


The plaster fencing we have surrounding and securing our 5-acre property is in need of complete replastering on the inside and out in order to preserve it. The fence was installed in 2009 and is nearly ten years old. There are large pieces missing on both sides of the fence and in some cases, the hole goes through to the outside. This is a huge undertaking for the school, as you can see with the price tag below. We’re looking for construction volunteers as well as generous donors to help us secure our schoolchildren.



Finishing Touches 1st Dorm​

We estimate that 40% of the children we serve have been displaced by their families. This is why we need to finish the two dorms which we're currently building for orphaned children will live. Our first dorm is mainly completed; although it still needs septic system yet before it can be habitable  The second dorm needs building yet,  Once finished, one dorm will hold girls, the other boys. We'll also be hiring 2 nannies for the dorms once they are open.


$XXX to finish Septic System Dorm 1

$400 hiring of two full-time nannies to oversee children living within the dorms.


We are in need of 10 computers for our 7th-9th grade students to share. 

$350/per computer

Electrical Upgrade - School

Above you will see that we are seeking new computers for our 7th-9th graders. With computers comes a need for upgraded electrical within the school. 


Playground Equipment

We've grown so much since we started in 2009 (131 kids to over 342 today), that our outdoor playground equipment isn't sufficient for us to use. Please help us purchase, ship and pay duty on new equipment for the Fountain Kids.

UPDATE: Thank YOU everyone that was at the 2019 Banquet and Thank you everyone who gave to this cause. Enough donations have been given and the Playground is on it's way because of YOU

Paint School Interior

In some of the photos we have included on our website, you’ll see that many of the walls need painting.  The building is 12,000 sq. ft. and houses 14 classrooms each of which need attention. 



Window Screens

Window screens are needed for both the mission house and the school. There are approximately 25 windows needing covering.


New Desks, Chairs, Blackboards, Refurbishing Plumbing (Sinks, Toilets)

After eight years of the hot and dry Haitian environment, plus the toll 342 kids  using the facilities have taken, we are in need of new toilets, sinks, plumbing refurbishing, blackboards, desks and other equipment.



Security Guard

Safety is of utmost important to us. We would use the security guard mainly at night to patrol the facility.


Silent Auction Items

We host one fund-raising event a year which includes a dinner for our guests as well as silent auction items.   This is what we're in need of for this year's event:

  • Speaker

  • Photographer

  • Gift baskets

  • Vacations

  • Airline Tickets

  • Sports Memorabilia

  • People to help with the banquet.

$40 for a ticket; $300 for a table of 8;
$5,000 to sponsor the event.

Truck Rack

The truck rack will help us convert our truck into a school bus.




God always provides.  We’re hoping that He is speaking to you right now about a one-time gift or a sponsorship of one or two children. Whatever the size of your gift, we truly appreciate it.


Construction help - novice and expert - is always welcomed. You would have to pay for your travel - approx. $1500, but we’ll feed and house you while you’re here. We are also in need of computer gurus, especially those in networking.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you and a group of your friends or coworkers decided to  pay for a more expensive project? Challenge them to a friendly game of “Match My Gift!"