Praise the Lord for a successful 2022 MN Banquet! We had a great turn out. Thank you everyone who attended and helped! After expenses we raised over $21,000 Praise be to God and the generosity of His people.

Pastor Levie & His Wife ~ Board Member & Principle of the School.


Thank you to all the faithful, loving servants who helped make this year’s banquet a God filled blessing. They put in endless volunteer hours helping prepare for this event. We could not have done this without them and how God was glorified through their service to Him. Praising and thanking God for all of you who shared that evening with us, who answered His call with your giving and loving hearts to help the very poor and needy children at Fountain of Christ school as we continue bringing CHRIST and HOPE to these incredible kids. Fountain of Christ has been diligent in making sure money raised for the children goes to the children.

Many of you have heard of the extreme difficulties in Haiti and the unrest taking place in many areas. We have learned that the trouble is affecting every area of Haiti. As our cost of living has risen here in the U.S., Haiti’s economy has gone to the extreme! The cost of a bag of rice is equivalent to $60.00 U.S., gasoline is $25.00 a gallon,  oil is $6.00 a cup and it is difficult for them to get clean water. These people do not have the advantage of a job, food shelves, assistance from the government or prosperous churches to give assistance. We have had many calls from people we love in the area that they are so very hungry and cannot feed their families. They go to bed at night on a mud floor with aches in their tummies thinking no one cares praying for help..
This year alone the US will spend around $800 BILLION on gifts, food and entertainment this Christmas.!! (Even as difficult as things are right now with the economy) This is incomprehensible to me as I have spent so much time with these severely impoverished people who have no feast at Thanksgiving or any  Christmas. As I sit in my comfort at night and listen to their voices singing & praising the Lord in the midst of their desperate situation, I just keep hearing the Lord “ Feed My Children” and my heart breaks. We cannot do this on our own so we are asking you to join us with any size donation to help provide meals of rice, oil, & hopefully beans, for the 300 families attending Pastor’s 8 churches. This can be a true time of teaching and love as you involve your children or grandchildren in the gift of giving. By giving up a little you and they can share in spreading JOY, LOVE and CARING and bringing HOPE & possible LIFE to those who have nothing. Putting a SMILE on their face as they receive your gift knowing they do matter. Celebrate JESUS this Christmas by answering His call to “Feed My Children”.
You can donate by sending check to: Fountain of Christ, 2231 E. 5th St. #108, Lehigh Acres, Florida 33936…Go to PayPal…For credit card, call 239 240 6583. We are trusting our Lord for His Grace and Mercy as we together “Feed His Children”.
Thank you and may the blessings of our Lord Jesus fill your homes and lives as we come together to Glorify His Name.


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The children of Fontaine, Haiti are empty in three different ways: spiritually, educationally and sustainably.  There is a dire need of the Gospel as an alternative to the country’s customary religion, Voodoo. The children we serve need education - spiritual and traditional education - to help them grow in this very poor country. It is not unusual for the children of Fontaine to go without a meal for days at a time.


Children without purpose
Squalid Living Conditions
Walking to school without shoes
Lack of clothing doesn't stop play
No shoes.
Children without purpose but are eag
Poor Living Conditions

Through the direction and hand of God, Fountain of Christ Ministry has built a Mission Grounds within the heart of Fontaine. Here we provide education, teach the Gospel and feed and clothe children aged: 4-15.

Many of the children we help have been orphaned by their families.  Their fathers do not live in the area, as there is no work.  Their mothers are strapped by having to care for multiple children. 
We have built one multi-room dormitory which is almost completed.  It has been earmarked to house female students.  A second multi-room dormitory (for boys) will be undertaken once the first has been completed and whatever "pressing" items on our "project list" have been finished.  Our goal is to treat the children of Fontaine as if they are our own sons and daughters. Feed, clothe, love, and share our love of Christ with them.



We are thankful to the dedicated group of Christians who have sacrificed and built our mission. We are currently looking for more Christians to help us help these innocent children.  Fountain of Christ Ministry is an independent organization and is a registered 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization.


Please consider joining our cause.  Following are ways to help:


Are your talents in fund-raising or perhaps construction?  These are two wonderful ways we could put your strengths to use!


$35 a month is all it takes to feed, clothe, educate a child.  As a sponsor, you may communicate with the child you're sponsoring via letters or face-to-face.


The need in Fontaine is always growing.


Donations are always appreciated. There is always continuous upkeep and maintenance; desks, blackboard, chairs and teachers desks.


Fountain of Christ Ministry is an Independent Organization and is a Registered 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization.


Donations Needed


If you have an extra $10, $25, $100 in hand, please consider donating it for projects or any of the other updates that we have listed on our projects page.


Thanks to all who made our

Annual Haiti Banquet & Silent Auction a huge success!  

“And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward."

Matthew 10:42 kjv